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Peter MillHello again,


The Pokémon Go phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Since the video game launched last week, it is estimated that, in the USA alone, up to 25 million people have played it. In less than two weeks, it already has more daily users than Twitter.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the game, which uses the latest augmented reality technology, involves walking around the real world with your mobile or tablet, hunting and catching virtual creatures – the Pokémon – to train or trade or fight with other Pokémon owners. The Pokémon are invisible to the human eye, but as soon as you open the app, it turns out they are all around you.

It’s a fun game, and it reminds us that in the real world we often chase after things that are not tangible and lasting. Fame, power and excessive wealth are three that spring to mind and I’m sure you can think of others from your own experience. They are illusions, and they may give pleasure for a while, but ultimately they disappear and don’t satisfy.

In life there’s actually only one reality: Jesus Christ.

Seek him, he’s not hiding and once you find him, he will never disappear.

Jesus is the ultimate reality.
All the very best,
Peter Mill
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