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Jakmes HendersonHello,

Who would you like to have a drink with?

Would you believe that in the UK there was a recent poll about this? The drink in question was what is called a "wee dram" a small glass of whisky. The replies featured a well-known list of celebrities, and was topped by a former James Bond actor of Scottish, who would that be, do you think?

Perhaps you don't like whisky, but prefer a deep red wine or a lively Sauvingon Blanc or a frothy, wheat beer. What about a 7 star Greek brandy or some rum from the Caribbean? Or no alcohol at all: just a cup of Yorkshire tea, an Earl Grey, a smooth Ethiopian coffee, hot chocolate, or a herb infusion of spearmint, tarragon and lemongrass. Or is it a fizzy drink, or how about a glass of cool, refreshing mountain stream water? It doesn't really matter. We live in a world of options.

Jesus talked about a choice he had made. It involved a drink and those with whom he would like to share it. He had just finished a meal with his friends. They had enjoyed some red wine together. And then Jesus made a surprising statement. He said he would not drink wine again until he took some new wine with them in the Kingdom of God. What did he mean? All kinds of books, articles and theses have been written about this, and also sermons composed around it. Personally, I don't find it that difficult to fathom. To me it's simple: Jesus is looking forward to having a drink with us. It'll be his new wine - something we've never tasted before, something so wonderful that we'll want more of it.

Who does Jesus want to have a drink with?



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