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James HendersonHello.


After a week of royal celebrations here in the UK we are back to bickering politics as usual. The debate at the moment is about whether the leaders of other countries should comment on our own national affairs.

The issue in question is the UK’s referendum about remaining in the European Union. The leaders of various countries, including Germany, France, India, Canada, China, and now the USA, support the case for Remain, whereas those of Russia and the so-called Islamic State back the Leave argument. But, should any of them publicly state his or her point of view? Do they have a right to say what they think in a free and open world system? Should they speak up? Is it interference?

When it comes to how we lead our lives, some think that God interferes. What right does God have to comment? Are his views an assault on our personal liberty and on our right to choose what we want? What about world politics? Does God have a view and should he interfere? Or should he stay impassively in his heaven and look on as things go from bad to worse? Biblically speaking, God has interfered already, does interfere, and will interfere again. He sent his son, Jesus, whose crucifixion and resurrection to life changed the course of human history. The Father and the Son sent the Spirit into the hearts of Christians so that they could intervene and change things for the better wherever they go.

And, what’s more, just as the reaction of world leaders may be regarded as interference in our national affairs, so the the return of Jesus to this earth will be regarded as interference in international affairs. In fact, some scriptures suggest that Christ will be met with great resentment and anger.

Surely, as we look at the parlous state of the world, we need someone from somewhere to interfere for the good. That is what Jesus is all about.

God does and will interfere.

And thank God that he does.
Best regards,
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