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James HendersonHello.

"It's a godsend". The comment was made by a charity worker in response to a generous gift received from an anonymous donor. "It came just when we needed it. Just at the right time".

A godsend can be anything: that bonus that comes out of the blue when the bills are mounting up, an encouraging word when you are down, good news when everything else around you is bad news.

The Christmas season, which seems to start earlier with each passing year, is actually all about a godsend. Unwrap Christmas. Take away the commercialism, the tinsel traditions, the sentimentality, and the superstitions, and we're left with a story that's beautiful in its simplicity: God sent his Son. Although it was prophesied in the old books of the Bible, no one expected it to happen in the way that it did. The idea was preposterous. Who would believe it? That God would become one of us, sharing our humanity, so that he could die in the flesh and save us?

I don't know how life is for you right now but, as we look around at the world, the news is bleak. Of course, there is some good news here and there, but not much. We need something good to happen unexpectedly. We need a godsend.

Jesus came to us over 2000 years ago, he comes to us personally in our lives today, and he's coming again.

Jesus is the Godsend.

Best regards,

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