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Jakmes Henderson


An exciting piece of news is that astronomers have identified a planet like ours. It orbits its own sun at at distance similar to that of the Earth to our Sun, and, from a distance, it looks like there is liquid water on its surface, meaning that perhaps it could sustain life as we know it.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Would it mean that humankind has somewhere to go once we have exhausted the Earth's resources? One problem, however, is that Kepler 452b, the planet's memorable name, is at least 8,400 trillion miles away, which makes it tantalizingly unattainable for us.

Also, are we alone? Could life already exist on Kepler 452b?

The Bible anticipates our eventual need to expand beyond the Earth's current resources. It talks mysteriously of the Earth being rejuvenated, of new heavens and a new Earth, and of how they will be populated by a reborn humanity. So it supplies hope for our future.

And, of course, the Bible tells us, in case we have forgotten, that we are not alone. God is out there. Not only is he out there, but he's also here now, ever present through the eternal Spirit of his Son, Jesus.

That is also exciting news.

God is with us.
Best regards,

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