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James Henderson



I am writing this from San Francisco where I have been celebrating American Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Most countries have customs and traditions about thanksgiving. We send a thank you card to someone who has been kind to us. We have thanksgiving services after harvest seasons. In the US Thanksgiving can be traced back to the time when some foreign settlers, in todayís terms effectively migrants who were fleeing religious persecution, were helped during a severe winter food shortage by native Americans.

When we thank someone we acknowledge that we were in need, and that the need was supplied from outside ourselves. We give others the credit for something we did not do and, perhaps, could not do. In the Bible believers thank God for his grace because God has saved us through Christ and this salvation is not something we can achieve by ourselves.

Being thankful changes us: itís an admission that we were inadequate in some way, and an acknowledgement that we have been helped.

Letís make the giving of thanks part of our way of life.

Today, say thank you to someone.
Best regards,

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