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Tony GoudieHello,


News is out this week that Microsoft has paid £174 million for an artificial intelligence firm started by two Cambridge graduates. Microsoft has acquired the predictive keyboard venture called SwiftKey which was set up in 2008.

The two graduates had also worked on Professor Stephen Hawking’s well known communication voice which incorporates SwiftKey, so when the cosmologist asks for ‘black’ then the word ‘hole’ is automatically added.

SwiftKey uses brilliant artificial intelligence to predict the next word a user intends to type in order to save time.

It’s usually very helpful but if you have it on your iPhone or computer then you have probably noticed it’s not yet perfect!

I once typed in the Biblical name ‘Nicodemus’ and sent the file out, not realizing that it had been automatically corrected to ‘Incidents’…

Thankfully, when we pray we have a fail-safe system that doesn’t rely upon artificial intelligence but instead relies on God’s intelligence.

We note that the Holy Spirit helps our ‘infirmities’ and makes intercession with what the Bible calls ‘groanings’ – so that the Spirit’s intercession with our own spirit accurately represents our own divinely-inspired longings (Rom 8:26).
So how comforting is that?

Best regards,

Tony Goudie

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