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James HendersonHello.


At the time of writing the search for the EgyptAir flight that disappeared from radar screens on Thursday is still continuing. There are reports of debris found floating in the Mediterranean Sea. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives and friends of those who are missing and caught up in this tragic event.

The Christian message is about hope. We believe that death is not a break in the continuous, loving, saving presence of God. In one of the songs in the Bible, the writer asks the question, ďWhere can we go from the Spirit of God?Ē. The answer is nowhere. Neither accident nor disease, neither terrorism nor death, separates us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, who died for us and has given every one the victory over death itself and over all its related fears and concerns.

Letís continue to pray for comfort and encouragement.

And also, letís remember that, for everyone, Jesus is the hope of a life after life.
Kind regards,
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