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Luton Ladies Day
James HendersonHello.

The Tower of London is typically remembered in history for cruel acts.

It was there that traitors were executed and their decapitated heads hung up for everyone to see. It was also the scene of the murder of the princes in the tower, arguably attributed to Richard III of England.

This week, however, it was a scene of something altogether different. From the air it looked as if a crimson moat partially surrounded the ancient walls. It was an act of tribute to all the 888,246 men and women who gave their lives while fighting to maintain Britainís freedom during World War 1. In their memory ceramic crimson poppies had been planted outside the Tower walls, obscuring the normally verdant green grass. This number forms just a part of the estimate of over 8.5 million people who were killed during that global conflict.

The colour red is often used to symbolize heroic sacrifice. A Christian example involves a symbolical meal of bread and red wine. The meal is often called Communion or the Lordís Supper. The colour of the wine reflects the blood of Jesus at his crucifixion. His blood was shed for all of humanity that we may live in his freedom forever.

Sacrifice is a moving concept for us all to consider.

Letís be thankful for our freedoms and to those who helped secure them.

Also, thank God for Jesus, who gave his life for the our salvation.

Best regards,
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