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James HendersonHello.


For some the Brexit results are cause for optimism and excitement and for others itís produced a sense of dread as the UK faces a new future without being an integral part of the European Union. One person said to me that itís the end of the world as we know it. Now that the decision has been made, weíll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Come to think of it, the end of the world is also something that weíll have to wait for to see how it plays out. Some see it negatively in terms of world wars, diseases, earthquakes and upheaval. Perhaps, through our choices and lifestyles, it is as if we have voted for such an end.

The Bible, however, is more positive. Despite descriptions of end-time disasters caused primarily by the decisions weíve made, ultimately everything ends well. Not because of our choice, but because of Godís choice for us.

Thatís the Christian message. We may lurch from crisis to crisis, and there will be more wars and bitterness until we reach a point where, whether we would vote for him or not, Jesus will return to save us from ourselves and to usher in a better world.

Speed that day!
Best regards,
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